Sheikh's Forbidden Conquest - Out in the UK June 2015 Sheikh's Forbidden Conquest - Out in the US June 2015 A Bride Worth Millions - Out September 2015 A Bride Worth Millions - Out September 2015

September is an exciting time!

Joining my upcoming September releases, TRAPPED BY VIALLI’S VOWS and Mills and Boon compilation IRRESISTIBLE GREEKS: DARK AND DETERMINED, is another compilation…my very own GOLD COLLECTION, which is really exciting!
It is another 3 in 1 compilation under the title ‘SURRENDER TO THE TYCOON’ that will feature my previous releases, AT DANTE’S SERVICE, HIS UNKNOWN HEIR and THE FRENCHMAN’S MARRIAGE DEMAND! 🙂gold




‘DARK AND DETERMINED’ is Mills and Boon’s September IRRESISTIBLE GREEKS release and my book, THE GREEK’S ACQUISITION, will be 1 of the 3 books that make up the compilation!


Other exciting news… :)

As well as the compilation book, ‘HEIR TO HIS LEGACY’, out this month, it’s going to be an exciting couple of months in regards to books and new releases! 🙂
My newest release, ‘TRAPPED BY VIALLI’S VOWS’ – currently available in ebook format – will be released in paperback and hardback editions in September.
Additionally, two compilation books will also be out in September! Another Mills and Boon ‘IRRESISTIBLE GREEKS’ compilation under the title, DARK AND DETERMINED will feature one of my books and I will have my own GOLD COLLECTION out too!
With so many releases to think about, I’ll be posting better detailed book updates very soon! 🙂 x