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The Greek Tycoon's Virgin Mistress

The Greek Tycoon's Virgin Mistress

Mills & Boon Modern Romance

June 2007

ISBN: 0263853261


Harlequin Presents Extra

May 2008

ISBN: 037382081X


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She’s cool, controlled…and ready to be claimed!

Supermodel Anneliese Christiansen seems to have it all – a jet-setting career, glamorous boyfriends and an adoring paparazzi. But Anna is an innocent, and she has her own reasons for resisting Greek billionaire Damon Kouvaris’s ruthless seduction…

He’s Mediterranean, minted…and irresistibly marriageable!

Damon Kouvaris expects the icy beauty to fall into his bed easily, but Anna proves to be a challenge! Damon always gets what he wants…and if the prize is good enough he’ll pay the price!

Will the Greek tycoon claim this virgin to be his bride…?


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…‘Look Damon, you’ve already blackmailed me into having dinner with you. Let’s just leave it at that,’ she muttered breathlessly. ‘I don’t want to see you, I don’t want to spend time with you, and I don’t date.’

‘You don’t date! Theos! Hardly a week goes by without a photo of you and your latest celebrity boyfriend posing for the tabloids,’ he retorted sardonically, unable to disguise his impatience. ‘Reports of your love life fill more newspaper columns than any political intrigue. What’s the real issue here, Anna? Is it the fact that I’m not some suitably famous TV soap star? I can assure you, I’m more of a man than any of the pretty boys you seem to favour.’

‘Oh, for heaven’s sake.’ She halted in the middle of the track and glared at him in impotent fury. His arrogance would be funny if she hadn’t recognized the intrinsic truth of his last statement. Damon’s flagrant, raw masculinity unsettled her more than any other man she’d met.

Nothing would induce her to reveal that her alleged lovers were simply friends who for their own reasons found it useful to act the role of her escort. Living in the media spot-light was akin to living in a goldfish bowl and over the years she had learned to dismiss most of the rubbish that was written about her and her so-called wild love life. Now, as she stared at Damon she felt sickened by the hint of contempt in his eyes.

‘How dare you turn up here and…harass me,’ she exploded. ‘I’m not some blonde bimbo, and despite what you might have read in the tabloids, I am not an easy lay.’

She was shocked by the force of her emotions, the feeling of hurt, and blinked hard to dispel the stupid tears that had gathered in her eyes. She rarely cried, and never over a man. Years of witnessing her mother’s disastrous love life and subsequent slide into depression had taught her they weren’t worth it.

After her parents’ bitter divorce she had vowed never to be emotionally or financially dependent on anyone. The Ice Princess had a heart of glass and she felt a shaft of genuine fear that Damon seemed to possess the power to shatter it.

‘Did you really think you could just click your fingers and I would be yours for the taking?’ she demanded stiffly. ‘Because if so, I’ve got news for you.’

‘Credit me with a little more finesse, Anna,’ he replied lazily. ‘But I can’t deny I hoped for the chance to explore the awareness between us that we both recognized on Zathos. And why not?’ he continued. ‘We’re both consenting adults. Why shouldn’t we indulge in a mutually enjoyable affair?’

‘You mean sex without the inconvenience of messy emotions?’ she said scathingly, ignoring the devil in her head that was asking the question – why not? At least Damon was being honest. He wasn’t trying to woo her with meaningless romantic gestures and promises that they both knew he wouldn’t keep. Why not follow the dictates of her body for once rather than listen to the cool voice of common sense?

She sensed instinctively that Damon would be a passionate yet sensitive lover. But he would also be her first. It would almost be worth it, just to see the shock on his face when he realised she was a virgin, she brooded darkly. It was obvious that he believed every piece of tittle-tattle written about her and assumed that she led and active and varied sex life. She could imagine his frustration when he discovered her inexperience.

Would he offer to tutor her? she wondered, heat coursing through her veins at the mental image of his hands gliding over her body, teaching her the language of love.

Stifling a gasp, she tore her gaze from his darkly handsome face. His heavy brows were drawn into a frown, his eyes hooded, hiding his thoughts, but she was aware of the electricity between them – an invisible force that set her nerve endings on fire and increased her acute consciousness of every breath he took.

What was she thinking of? She must be mad to have considered even for a second, becoming involved with him. In Damon Kouvaris she recognized her father – handsome, charismatic and unable to remain faithful to one woman for more than five minutes. She would not repeat the mistakes her mother had made she assured herself fiercely, and she tilted her chin and stared at him coolly.

‘I’m sorry to disappoint you but I have no intention of indulging in any kind of a relationship with you, certainly not a casual fling while you happen to be in London. You must be mistaken about Zathos,’ she added airily. ‘I don’t remember there being anything between us. In fact I’d practically forgotten you.’

‘Is that so?’ Beneath his indolent, faintly amused tone, she detected anger and steeled herself to fight him off when he caught hold of her shoulder and spun her round to face him. His dark eyes were mesmerising and she found herself trapped by the sensual heat of his gaze as he slowly lowered his head.

He was going to kiss her! Her brain sent out an urgent warning telling her to jerk free of his grasp, but she was boneless, enveloped in a haze of quivering anticipation as she waited for his lips to claim hers.

She had wanted this since she had first met him on Zathos, she admitted silently, unwittingly parting her lips in readiness. She needed him to take control, to tear down her defences and capture her mouth in a hungry, elemental kiss that would ignore her token resistance. Time seemed to be suspended as she waited, her eyes closed against the glare of the sun. She could feel his warm breath fan her cheek and as her desperation increased she swayed towards him, her senses leaping when she inhaled his clean, seductive scent.

‘In that case I suppose I’ll just have to content myself with overseeing your training.’ His calm, matter of fact voice shattered the spell he had cast over her and her eyes flew open to clash with his glinting gaze. Colour scalded her cheeks and she felt sick with humiliation when he released her and stepped away, his bland smile telling her he was aware of her disappointment. She had offered herself up like…like a sacrificial virgin, she acknowledged furiously, and he had rejected her!...

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